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However, Doom would become the first villain (out of many) to be defeated by her due to underestimating her power.Squirrel Girl was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol.2 issue 8 (1992). K, and was offered a position at SHIELD because of the number of villains she had beaten, but declined.She was soon partnered by Tippy Toe, her new squirrel sidekick. After defeating Fin Fang Foom, the other GLA just hung around in their base and played cards.The team thought they would just have been in the way like when she had fought and defeated Baron Mordo, Korvac and Planet Ego.

Nazis," referring to Sin's army of Nazi mechs that were assaulting the city.While Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were looking for a superpowered nanny for their baby, Danielle Cage, they interviewed many people then settled on her.It was then revealed that there was some tension between her and Wolverine.This is often the means through which she defeats her more powerful enemies, as she can summon large armies of squirrels for help.Her eyes glow in low light, so it is possible that Squirrel Girl may have supervision.

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