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You wait outside the theater so long that the tour bus leaves and then after talking with Ted, he leaves in a limo to do an interview with a radio station..then out comes a cast member and you HAVE to give him a ride back to the hotel and you get lost (Give me the map babe, We love you Anthony! Your friend who knows how obsessed you are has to go to MD Anderson for Cancer Treatment in Houston (Bless her Heart! You spend an inordinate amount of time during the tour writing little letters, calling the production company to get the "next stop" info and fed-exing them to Ted, timed to arrive at each and every stop on the tour. account of her struggle to get the JCS 1973 film on DVD, which may make her one of the biggest "Tedheads" of all: Hi Cindy: It has been so hard for me to get the DVD that right now I cannot think about anything else than looking at it.

She's Cured) calls to get Ted's address so she can take a picture of his house for you ... The story behind the DVD makes me a real "Tedhead", I will just write a summary: - : I change the address to my personal one.

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You brought electric Christmas Candle decorations to a show that run on batteries so that you can hold them up during "Could We Start Again Please" ...If you would like to e-mail these , they'd love to hear from you!I've listed them alphabetically by last name/initial, and by country and/or state (when given), in case anyone is looking for a "Tedhead" who lives a very broad term, and not necessarily an accurate description of everyone's association with Ted.In the not-to-distant past, the term "Tedhead" did develop a sort of reputation, and despite Ted's recent renewed use of this term, some list members have informed me that they do not wish to be listed here for that reason.

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