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I've learned to let go and I'm no longer concerned about what people will say''Meeting John gave me the freedom to explore that side of myself,' she said.The couple found a man on Craigslist who was willing to meet them in his hotel room. 'I'd been so nervous and had so many fears going into it, but it was so different from anything I'd experienced.One of the questions I’m asked most often is if swinging is a male-driven and dominated endeavor where husbands coerce their wives into this “degrading” situation.The assumption is often based on the premise that any “decent and self-respecting” woman would not agree to being “objectified” in such a way.

They help others by sharing their personal experiences and knowledge.'When you imagine the typical swinger, it's the '70s image of swapping keys and wife-swapping But it's much more than that,' said John.'In my clubs, a lot of people come just to watch, to be watched or to soak up the sexual atmosphere.

Within a year of the two of them first meeting, they were husband and wife.

Now, four years on, they attend swingers' clubs and events and meet like-minded people through adult social networking sites.

Moreover, did the wife have a choice in the matter, or did she just go along to please her husband?

It seems that indeed it is the husbands that most often suggests swinging to their wives (my research shows that 72% of the time the husband introduced swinging to the wife), however, once involved, things seem to change. Do the women enjoy their consensual non-monogamous activities, or do their husbands coerce them?

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