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Only after some minutes could she make out Red Army soldiers dressed in white camouflage coats.

'We ran up to them, and they gave us hugs, cookies and chocolates,' she remembers.

A story of abuse, rape, theft and terrible betrayal.

And Helena was all too aware of exactly what was happening: 'I heard screaming until they were quiet and had no more strength left.'There were cases where they were raped to death. 'I turned my head because I didn't want to see because I couldn't help them.'I was afraid they would rape my sister and me. No matter where we hid, they found our hiding places and raped some of my girlfriends. Right up to the last minute we couldn't believe that we were still meant to survive.' We thought if we didn't die of the Germans, we'd die of the Russians.'One day, just weeks after she had been liberated from Auschwitz, and while she and her sister were still trying to make their way home, Helena managed to borrow a bicycle and went for a ride. One night in January 1945, as ten-year-old Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister Miriam lay in their bunks at Auschwitz-Birkenau, they were suddenly awoken by a huge explosion. The Nazis had blown up the crematoria where the bodies of hundreds of thousands of Jews had been burned, for fear that the approaching Soviet Army would discover them.Moments later, Eva and Miriam were forced by guards out of their barracks with all the other young twins in Birkenau and marched by the SS down the road to the main camp at Auschwitz, one-and-a-half miles away.And the survivors they had set free were left to find their own way home from the torment they had suffered in Poland.This was a time when Eastern Europe was awash with the human debris of the war.

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