Sandra bullock and ryan reynolds dating april 2016

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At the time of this writing, the online petition had over 19,300 signatures calling for his removal — just a few hundred shy of the petition's 20,000 signature goal.

Gosling and Mc Adams have discussed their relationship pretty openly but haven't been too open about their breakup; they've kept those dirty details under wraps.

And she's a girl that likes to bake and eat ice cream and ride bikes and walk his dog in high heels.

I don't think there's much she ever complains about or holds him accountable for.

Thus, Reynolds totes wears the pants in this relationship. Now, Blake Lively has never really seriously had her heartbroken (okay, maybe a little bit by Ryan Gosling), which means that she's not terrified by the notion of being single and playing the field.

Relationships have generally always worked out for her.

In fact, after they parted ways, Gosling had nothing but nice things to say about his former lover.Still, without elaborating too much, Gosling did hint to was one of the most popular movies of 2004.So, naturally, when fans found out that the stars of their favorite movie were dating in real life, they went nuts with joy.She's a little older than him and I'm guessing was too assertive and direct about what she wanted.Then, four years ago he married Scarlett Johansson when she was just twenty-three years old (he was 31 at the time.) Scar Jo totally broke his heart when she filed for divorce and started dating Sean Penn.

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