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Maple Match Merchandise on sale for .99In addition, the developers have been posting almost daily on the site’s Twitter and Instagram pages and had been doing so even before they were featured on an international platform.

Worst part(s): Little communication I received an email on May 17 asking what kind of member I’d like to be.I tried to reach out to Maple Match on May 19 for details on a possible timeline, the demographics of those who had signed up so far, if Canadians were signing up in proportion to Americans… I tried again on June 2, and then a third time on June 15.I’ve heard nothing, even though they post to social media frequently.That being said, I’m sure if you made a concerted effort to reach out to members, you could find someone.Worst part(s): Too much work, and yet, too little You have to actively seek out members in the community to interact with, and there are no prompts to facilitate interactions with other members.

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