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In the late 1980s, international development agencies regarded AIDS control as a technical medical problem rather than one involving all areas of economic and social life.

This is due to many factors such as a lack of understanding of the disease, lack of access to treatment, the media, knowing that AIDS is incurable, and prejudices brought on by a cultures beliefs.

the need to sell sex for survival), poor living conditions, education, health and health care, that are major contributing factors to the current spread of HIV/AIDS." Researchers believe HIV was gradually spread by river travel.

All the rivers in Cameroon run into the Sangha River, which joins the Congo River running past Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Unfortunately though, the majority of people in need of treatment are still not receiving it, and campaigns to prevent new infections ... The earliest known cases of human HIV infection have been linked to western equatorial Africa, probably in southeast Cameroon where groups of the central common chimpanzee live. revealed that all HIV-1 strains known to infect humans, including HIV-1 groups M, N, and O, were closely related to just one of these SIVcpz lineages: that found in P. Current hypotheses also include that, once the virus jumped from chimpanzees or other apes to humans, the colonial medical practices of the 20th century helped HIV become established in human populations by 1930.

The virus likely moved from primates to humans when hunters came into contact with the blood of infected primates.

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