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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Maddequet, Site of the First Town, should be Wannacomet, Site of the Ptret Town. ^ PHYSIOGRAPHY Nantucket Island is the most southern point of Massachusetts. Macy also asserts that Potconet sold all his rights to the English settlers, save those reserved and secured to some of the old natives. 5« The White Settlers and the Settlement 59 They had seen a vision of hope, freedom, and opportu- nity beckoning them to a little island in the ocean where the white man's foot had seldom trod, an island unknown, uncultivated, a wilderness teeming with the hosts of a barbaric and tmcivilized race. Taking their lives in their hands, and with a humble yet sublime trust in God, they arrived in safety, — dug their new homes in the hill- sides, wrought like men, and prospered accordingly.Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. CONTENTS PAOB I Geology and Physiography of thb Island ...... vii ,ct^ 17 35*^ 58 78 103 115 130 154 179 305 245 269 a84 ^ VUl Contents XVI Lifb-Saving Service and Wrecks XVII The Island Steamers . Its geographical position has been indicated elsewhere; a brief reference to its topography may be made here. The sections re- served — ^known as the Hoights and Jafets— were in the neighborhood of Wannacomet or Capaum Pond. Numbering nineteen persons all told, — b, number increased to twenty-seven later, — these men became the proprietors of the island of Nantucket, divided and cultivated the land, and lived with the aborigines in peace and amity.Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The outer harbor is formed by an extensive bay on the north, and is enclosed by two sandy points, one at the northeast — Great Point; and one at the north- ' Vide Chapter XX. It does not appear, however, why the order of the Court made in 1672 was not carried out until 1681 — a period of nine years. Worth's usuig the definite instead of the ■Bulletin 3, vo L ii., p. John Quass, the choice of Lakedon Indians for sachem when they repudiated Ben Abel, the legitimate chief. During his entire residence on Nantucket he resided near Capaum, and for the most part at a house which he built, and named ''Northam." The interests which he and his sons and sons-in-law represented gave him power to control to a large extent the enterprises of the island.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. : Chappapemeset, Coffin's, Starbuck's, Madequecham, Barnard's, Wyer's, and other valle}rs, in several in- stances terminating in ponds, as Weeweder, Miacomet, Hummock, and Long Ponds. The said Cofi Sns having delivered them forty acres arable land on Nan- tucket and £5, and disclaiming any right to any whale, the said Ackeamong and Jacob renounce any claim to any part of Tuckemuck, reserving liberty to save their whale that may come ashore. Joshua of Chappoquiddick, same as Joshua Jethro, eldest son of Nicomoose, 1706. Until 1659, he 6o Nantucket lived alternatdy in Safisbury, Haverhill, and Newbury, Mass.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. It may be assumed that, when the island of Nan- tucket was deposited in the ocean, the salient points 12 Nantucket which now surround it were not in existence, and that Nantucket itself, Tuckemuck, and Coskata all appeared as separate islands. Joshua Nicomoose was so disgusted by his father's leaving his mother that he left home altogether, and did not return until after an absence of over fifty years, when he claimed his inheritance. Autopscot's jurisdiction extended over the south- west of the island from Weeweder Pond northerly to Monomoy, and then westward to the Popsquatchet hills and to Htunmock Pond. Peter had a son known as Lame Isaac, who ceded the last rights of his sachemdom. It has been alleged that their motive in selecting such an insular wilderness as a colony was to escape from religious persecution in their old home across the ocean, but such allegations have not been sustained by either fact or history, and are now utterly discredited.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The great Glacial masses were moving southwards, and from their southern rim the waters were rushing in the same direction with their freight of drift. It may mean "at the top of the rock," or "beautiful water." ISquatesit, applied to a place where an Indian meeting- house stood. Autopscot had a son, Harry Poritain, or Beretan, by Wonoma, his wife, who was the daughter of Wauwinet. Autopscot had also grandchildren named Tashama, of whom more anon. There cannot be any doubt that, mayhap associated to some extent with a spirit of adventure, their chief motive was really nothing more or less than a business speculation. It was probably formed as ground moraine either under the surface or immediately in front of the ice- sheet. The three principal Massachusetts tribes were the Massachusetts or Naticks, the Nipmucks, and the Wampanoags, the latter under the dominance of Mas- sasoit when the Pilgrims arrived, and, at that time, the third greatest nation in New England. Abram, for obvious reasons, chose to assume his mother's name. The deposition of the unstratified blue clay under- lying the island must have taken place during the Glacial period, when the ice-sheet covered this section. The Indian tribes of New England belonged to the great Algonquian Confederacy — the most widely ex- tended of all the North American Indians, their terri- tory stretching along the Atlantic coast from Labrador to Pamlico Sotmd, and westward, from Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains. He was the son of the notorious Quibby, already referred to, and of Judith Quary — a, half-breed fortune-teller well-known on the island at one time.

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