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Saturation should be considered along with the Color and Tone to properly understand the amount and evenness of the color that is saturated throughout the gem. After being thoroughly cleaned, the stone is held by its girdle over a neutrally colored background, and the gemologist looks at it face-up from a comfortable distance ? The following examples will help you understand the process involved in how a gem's color is determined. This example tone chart starts with #2 very light, and goes to #8 very dark, as the tone examples.

The gem's tone is determined first, and in this example it is determined that the tone is #5 medium. Look at the illustration to the left to see which hue compares best to the examples on the hue wheel.

You will find that our "Enhancement Codes and Treatment Terms" explain the majority of treatment methods used in the Gem Trade.

Many of the gems we offer are "Natural" and "untreated", but the majority of the gems on the market are routinely enhanced or treated in some way, so we have always been concerned in disclosing any treatments that we know may exist as well as the affect it may have on the gem you are considering.

making this particular gem fall in the "good" category.

Is based on a determination of the lightness or darkness of a particular gemstone.

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Lastly, the gemologist estimates the saturation level. Saturation is also where any additional colors such as those due to color change, pleochroism, color zoning, and windowing less than 50% are noted.

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Tone should be considered along with the Color to properly understand the depth of color in the gem.

Even though it may have good primary color, if it's too light in tone, it will not be rich enough... if the color is too dark, it will sacrifice brilliancy and transparency. in strong, diffused, daylight-equivalent lighting, with the light source somewhere around 10 in. The stone is then rocked back and forth up to a total of 30 degrees as the tone, hue, and saturation judgments are made.

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